Mobile Incubator at “The Grove”, Allston MA

October 24 – November 2

Building off of its successful stay at the Boston Center for the Arts, the Mobile Incubator made its way to Allston, providing open office hours for artists and entrepreneurs to stop by for conversations, to get free business counseling on creative endeavors, and to conduct podcast interviews.

The Mobile Incubator is on a campaign across the US – region by region – to map the businesses and other economic development for the cultural sector. Their mission is to inspire and support cultural businesses by spooling common obstacles, and then dispatch success stories through podcasts, public art, workshops, field reports, and exhibitions is a showcase of American creative enterprise.


A podcast studio and a rolling showcase of American creative enterprise, the Mobile Incubator is a completely overhauled 1957 Shasta camper, an American icon of industrial design by Robert Gray. Shasta sold the largest volume of all trailers in the ‘canned ham’ era of campers 1940s through the 1970s, and the lightning stripe on its side has been replicated by numerous SOBs (Some Other Brand).

The interior of the Mobile Incubator showcases contemporary design products such as a mosaic table designed by artist Kate Jessop, laser cut signage by Tieton Mosaic and sconces by GrayPants Inc. The upholstery is by artist Michele Bonner and Pendleton Woolen Mills. The walls of the Mobile Incubator are a 1,000+ piece wooden mosaic constructed by Lucas Spivey. The incubator was constructed at Mighty Tieton, an artisan business incubator in Central Washington State.

The Mobile Incubator’s visit to Allston is supported by Zone 3, is a Harvard-sparked initiative to further activate and energize Western Ave with creative programs, events, and retail.



Quotes gathered in the Mobile Incubator illustrated by Monique Aimee


During the Mobile Incubator’s stay at The Grove, Lucas Spivey recorded podcasts with 6 local artists and entrepreneurs. 


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